Broken bolts and studs

Bolt / Stud RemovalA common problem that can occur when replacing parts on a vehicle is broken bolts and studs. However if you have a broken bolt/stud we are able to remove it using multiple methods. These methods vary greatly and how we will attempt to remove it depends on how and where the bolt is broken.  We may be able to remove it using an extractor however, if we are unable to remove it that way, we may be able to drill the bolt/stud.

If you have broken a bolt/stud and attempt to remove it yourself you can in fact make the job a lot harder for us, i.e. breaking off an extractor or drill in the bolt/stud will increase the difficulty of the job immensely.  Also, if you attempt to drill a broken stud/bolt and drill it off line, you can drill through the wall of the bolt/stud hole and, depending on where the bolt/stud is situated, this could cause a major problem.  However, even if you have done any of the things mentioned above, we may still be able to rectify the situation using the tools and experience we have built up over 15 years of offering this type of repair.

Depending on what bolt/stud is broken we may be able to offer an in-situ repair.  This depends on how much access we have to the offending item.  We need to be able to get to the broken item with a drill and then be able to see to make sure everything stays in line.  We can usually advise you if we think we can offer you an in-situ repair when you ring and tell us what item is broken.

Once a broken bolt/stud is removed the bolt/stud hole thread may be damaged, in which case we may be able to re-tap the thread.  However if the thread is damaged beyond being able to re-tap it we will need to fit a heli-coil.